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Korean dramas are always very interesting and entertaining to watch. Korean dramas have a very clean and cultured story in it. That’s why users are very excited to watch every latest release of the newest episode. To download, they usually access the drakorindo free downlading app.

Up-to-date and complete list of drama films on the site such as popular and latest movie on the drakorindo site One Punch Man

Indonesian subtitles are available. watch sub indo drama on drakorindo with more than 3000 drama titles inside


Can download favorite drama and watch them offline

There are various video quality options from 240p to 720p HD. Unlimited free viewing.

Awesome Features of Drakorindo

The followers of Japanese cartoons number in the millions around the world. drakorindo's unofficial app offers its users a complete collection of drama online to stream. This extraordinary app has unique features that allow you to enjoy your favorite series, movies and eggs. Among them we have the following.


Actually there are many drama streaming sites that we can find on the internet, but the site for watching drama which is popular and always up to date with the latest films is the drakorindo site.

Our Mission

Up-to-date and complete list of drama films on the site such as popular and latest movie conton on the indo drama site One Punch Man, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation One Piece, Black Clover and Dragon Ball Super.

No POP Ads

Many ads that appear are sometimes quite annoying, for example, direct url ads, when a click will lead to a new tab containing ads.

How Does It Drakorindo Works

Now with drakorindo you have the possibility to enjoy all your favorite drama from the comfort of your mobile device and whenever you want. This excellent app plays for you, online via streaming , all the chapters of your favorite series: Dr. Stone, Lovestruck in the City, Hi Bye, Mama!, Cambrian Period (2017), cute girls, uptight chaebol heir leads, among others.

You no longer have excuses to follow the best moments of these series that have captivated millions of users! With just one touch , you can start playing all the drama series of the moment for free. You just have to make sure you have a good WiFi connection .

How to Drakorindo Install

If you have already checked the Requirements section, shared just above. Then you are ready to install the drakorindo application on your Android. Well, you can install this App just like other normal apps. But if you have never installed apps out of Play Store then you might get confused. Well, No need to worry. As I am going to share step by step guide for you. Have a look at these few simple steps..

    1. Go to Provided link.

    2. Download App File.

    3. install in your device.

    4. Enjoy to stream.

drakor indo
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How to Drakorindo Login

drakorindo once ruled the internet as the top streaming platform where viewers enjoyed watching the best quality drama content of HD, 4K, and UHD categories. Though on 2021, the site got shut down due to copyright issues. But there’s nothing to worry about as you can now find another domain of the same name offering fresh drama content for free.

1. Only Remember login Details.

2. Just Need To Remember Email & Pass.

3. Login with previous Details.

drakorindo 2

Drakorindo Version Info

Many Android apps are available to watch drama online. But, most of them are not providing all the drama videos. While some apps get crashed after using for a short time. This is a very irritating when we get an error while watching the drama series. Well, drakorindo App is different than these all applications.

App Name drakorindo
Version v1.5.4
Filename drakorindo.apk
Download Size 8.2 MB
Requirements Android 4.0+
Last Updated Dec 1, 2017

Drakorindo Final Words

drakorindo is a very complete app, it has a wide range of drama content , each of the series with its complete chapters. Not only will you be able to enjoy each chapter from your mobile, but also, you will be able to download them to watch them whenever you want.

All those who were looking for drakorindo App latest version have got the heaven through this article. Right? Yeah, most of the websites have shared fake download link which redirects users to another app. But, we have searched a lot and shared the correct version of drama indo Apk for Android.


Screenshots of Drakorindo App

drama is a spectacle that is very popular in Japan there. But now in 2021 we already know that drama is a spectacle that is worldwide and can be received in many countries, including the United States and other European countries watch drama. good drama to watch Nowadays watch drama dub there are many drama sites that give us ease in watching drama so when we want to watch drama.

Download drakorindo free for Android Phone and Tablets. Download the Top 10, High rated, Recently updated Android Apps of the Month. Latest drakorindo Tv 2021 version update available. drakorindo Tv Lite app for Android.

drama indo is the best way to watch drama hits and fast-tracked simulcast shows direct from Japan in HD. There are thousands episodes available to watch for free and new shows are added every week. drakorindo supports the drama creators and is free.

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The best online drama portal for Latin America, find classic drama, current drama, most popular drama and much more, all in drakorindo, your source for daily drama.

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Drakorindo Faqs

Almost all series buffs know what drakorindo is. However, there are some questions that users ask frequently.

Drakorindo have own App?

We still find a number of indo drama ditus which are still active and can be accessed on google search. Apart from the website, there are also indo drama apk which can be downloaded on google playstore.

How Does Free Drama site Efffect us?

If you choose a free site as a site to watch drama films, you have to be more selective in choosing some of these streaming sites, because there are also sites with lots of advertisements that have the potential for malware to enter our smartphone or computer.

if you want to watch legal and official animated films, you can try the legal streaming sites.

Drakorindo is legit ?

The drakorindo site that we discussed above is an official site or a legal site as well as a free drama site, We definitely recommend a site to watch and download drama films that are legal and official.

But most people who are movie lovers are not only drama films, but various other films such as indoxxi films, drakor films and Chinese drama films, Most of them prefer free streaming sites rather than paid sites.

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Most drama films are adopted from a manga or novel with the same title. Some popular drama; Dr. Stone, Lovestruck in the City, Hi Bye, Mama!, Cambrian Period (2017) and many more.

Now, all drama lovers can watch unlimited shows online or offline through this application. There is no need to open any website, this single app can complete you all wishes regarding drama series.

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The followers of Japanese cartoons number in the millions around the world. Drakorindo's unofficial app offers its users a complete collection of drama online to stream. so, if your like drakorindo app. don't forgot to share in socialmedia. thanks.